Monday, November 9, 2009

What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is a PHP Rapid Development Framework.

PHP Framework? What is it? Why should I rely on a Framework?

PHP developers are mostly self-trained (at least I am so) and being rather easy-to-develop, lots of developers jump-start developing applications without caring for code organisation/optimization and security. PHP applications developed by starters (I am a starter also and the same applies to me...) lack terrifically in proper organization. This makes maintenance/debugging of those applications a terrific task. Particularly, for large applications, it becomes a real challenge to DEBUG an unorganized code!

We badly need few norms (conventions) to follow so that each one can understand the logic of everyone else.

CakePHP does that. It sets few CONVENTIONs for following and also perform a lot of tasks automatically - like generating a web form from database tables (with ALL VALIDATION RULES), integrating AJAX (Yes! It does so! Even if you do not have much understanding of AJAX), creating sophisticated SQL queries (master-detail type even), and it does so in a better, sophisticated method without compromising with security or application performance.

That't it!!!

If you follow their conventions (I guess, a lot of people are already doing so...) , you can develop an workable application in a very short time.


You need to know CakePHP CONVENTIONs and FOLLOW them brutally.

The book does talk really little about what you can do, or, can't (as such, you can do anything because core PHP will work like it has been doing even when you use Cake).

So, take the joy ride with me.


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