Monday, November 9, 2009

CakePHP Tutorial!!!

I was to develop a new application. PHP is my choice of scripting language. And database is MySQL. This time I tried to use a Framework. I scoured the Internet and found CakePHP (v. 1.2.5) is a Framework that can do all the magics. So I decided to go with it.

But to go ahead, you really need a good tutorial, which, I am afraid to say in this case is severely lacking.

There are some efforts to help readers in different forms, but I found a lot of helps rather confusing. Also there is a version problem. Most tutorials are old... and will not work with CakePHP 1.2.5.

Also, you need to undertake hours of searches to locate one or two simple cakephp specific functions! At times, this is very frustrating.

Oh! About the online book - is a good resource.
Do not forget to read it plus its comments. Though I have strong reservation in the way it has been organised, it would have been better.

My first impression was - (and is) - CakePHP is an excellent framework.

You can just do ANYTHING on the fly. But documentation is terrific!

So, while developing my application - I will share with you the way I am going.

This is not a tutorial...

I do not have the capacity or mastery to write a full CakePHP tutorial.

This will be just what I am doing & how! I will try to refer to different other related posts.

If it helps you, it would be my two cent.

My approach will be to organize pieces of pearls under own jewelery box! Here!

I'll try to index CakePHP vocabularies (core class libraries + function lists).

Once again, if it sounds useful, please visit me again and leave a comment.

Have a great day.

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amit said...

Nice tutorial....thanks for this post.....
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